Rena's Platform

Neighborhoods Count: What’s Happening

As the world gets increasingly complex and our demographics changes this means we are getting more and more challenges in our communities. Our Faith teaches us a set of values, in order for these values to be enacted in the world it requires Power, We build power through relationships.   

My Plans:

 It is crucial to factor what is foundational to District 14. As part of making this happen I have listened to the residents because no one knows the neighborhoods better than its residents. I have been a voice for the community on issues that matter long before running for City Council- I bring history of the neighborhood’s advocacy in every decision that will be made. My focus will continue to focus on investment of policies that will help reduce gun violence, mass incarceration, mental health issues, and homelessness. I will work with elected officials to keep what matters to our residents and put families first.  

For we are Standing in Unity with One Community and One Heart