About Your District 14 Candidate


Rena Allen has resided on the far east side of Indianapolis for almost 20 years. Rena currently works as a contractor for the State of Indiana and has a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Indiana Wesleyan University. Rena is very family oriented, steadfast in her faith and has an overwhelming desire to serve her community.

Rena is a Licensed Minister and currently serves as the facilitator over the Ambassador of the Kingdom (AOK) ministry at New Beginnings Fellowship Church under the leadership of Pastor James A. Jackson. Rena leads the ministry into action through the word of God. Over the past nine (9) years Rena has gone outside of the four walls of the church to show love in a non-traditional way. Rena has orchestrated an event called, “The Wing and a Prayer”.  This ministry is know for it's ability to serve over 100 people from the community at least one piece of chicken and offer them a prayer within a two-hour time-frame. The AOK ministry is also able to provide citizens in the community information on several topics that range from engagement, education, homeless shelters and much more.  For the past two (2) years, Rena has volunteered at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center teaching life application skills while also incorporating biblical teachings.

Rena is a Community Leader and has been able to help build strong relationships within the community with both citizens and city officials. Her belief is to challenge city leaders to facilitate change that will lead to a better way of living for the people and the community. Rena has participated in the "Jobs Not Jail" and "Treatment Not Jail" campaign along with Faith in Indiana. She believes that non-violent criminals and the mentally ill do not belong in jail for acts that are non-criminal violations of the law. Rena believes in redemption, rehabilitation, equal opportunities, and most importantly keeping family first.

Rena has hosted town hall meetings that included attendees such as the sheriff, the mayor, and other city officials. During these town hall meetings Rena addressed issues such as reducing gun violence, racism, mass incarceration and mental health issues.

Rena is very passionate about bringing awareness to the black community on rape and child molestation. She has begun a conversation called “Her Story, Our Story” and encourages women and children to speak up and speak out about sexual predators and finding preventative measures to stop the epidemic within the community. Rena also encourages men and women to ‘Unmask Their Truth” by helping them to remove past hurts and identify their pain.

Rena, a natural nurturer, is also the mother of three young men.