Rena’s core values are inclusiveness, fairness, and freedom


A Families First City


A Families First Indianapolis honors every person’s dignity and allows everyone to thrive. As Councilor of District 14, I join my neighbors to work for: 


We can live a safe city, free of fear of losing a loved one to gun violence. The Nation’s most effective violence reduction efforts redirect resources to focus on the handful of people most likely to be involved in shooting, and provide them with a supported pathway out of street life. The result is a 30-60% drop in homicides in less than 18 months. I will work to make sure these strategies are fully implemented in Indianapolis. Learn more about Group Violence Intervention and Peacemaker Fellowships. 


 A Criminal Justice System that shifts from punishment to restorative justice will; ensure people who are mentally ill or suffer from addiction receive treatment and remain with their families, end the cash bail system – so people’s freedom is based on maintaining safety in our communities not ability to pay, and law enforcement is reformed to ensure accountability to the well-being of All our communities. 


 Most of us work hard for our families, and we deserve a city that does right by families and invests in; public transit to get to work, Pre-K for every four-year-old, Strong Schools, Good Jobs with Paid family medical leave and sick time, affordable housing, and economic development that benefits our communities 


Our country was founded on the idea that people should be at the center of public decision, not the wealthy few. Yet, today our democracy is being undermined by wealthy special interests that seek to rig the rules by gerrymandering, voter suppression, and fearmongering to pit neighbor against neighbor to benefit themselves. We will work together to ensure every vote and every voice counts through; fair redistricting, protect voting rights and expand access to the ballot, and counting everyone in the 2020 census. 

Community First


Serving The Community

Rena Allen has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.


United By A Common Goal

Rena Allen knows the value of being connected. That's why she is running for District 14 City Council. Help her help you!


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